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The World 
It introduces 111 place 48 countries by a photograph and local information

Machhu Pichhu(Peru)

Ruins that become famous again are here, Machu Picchu. The city in the air where suitably, and indescribable is mysterious has exactly extended there if leaving for this ground as for what. Here was not seen in having seen from the certainty under at all, and it was equipped fully with the field for rare that polished stone construction exactly an actual city did not seem to be in the height and farm products. Actual Machu Picchu was a calm, gentle place though did by the nature like a bloody place to think about a past history. When this magnificent city in the air ruins are seen, I think that there is something that attracts the person though it is not old so much because it is the one in Japan from the Muromachi age to Warring States Period in the 15th century when the Inca Empire was prosperous as for middle.

EASTER ISLAND(RAPA NUI) "Easter island". It hardly seen who actually have been though the Japanese is a very well-known island. It knew the thing that unexpected was few even if it was thought that it looked for a related book, and accurate information on the island is very little. Well, it knew the appearance of the current desire as going actually, writing in the book, and an actual island to be a quite different and it kept aghast. Certainly, it was felt strongly that map confused, having come off the explanation of important ruins, perfect neither book nor HP existed though there was a book accurately written in the inside, too.

ACROPOLICE It knows, and ruins 2500 year previous or more that centers on the Parthenon temple that is a very famous building worldwide that is the origin of the mark of UNESCO. The acropolis was a place where it made to the sanctuary and the city-state (police) with which the temple was built and two said meanings were put in here in the meaning "City on high hills". Grand ruins group soars in the height that understands when seeing though it is a center part in Athens as its name suggests. The temple and the Parthenon temple of the marvelous whiting said it cannot be even architectural even with the modern architecture tower under Athens blue and emptiness today.

Ruins of Troy I think that it has heard it of everyone once. Amateur archeologist "Heinrich Schumann" that kept chasing "Trojan horse" and the dream. Here Troy is possession . in Turkey where a lot of historical historic sites exist as for full eminence. However, I do not think that preservation is good of actual ruins by might give the impression "Free hill where the stone is rolling to the grass" in externals though travelers who visit here few is high that eminence besides a geographic condition of being located in the middle point of the large city named Istanbul and Izmel. However, it is transmitted that here seems to have been a stage of "Trojan war" of that legend by politely seeing the rolling stone one by one. The nature "Ruins in ruins" still does this ruins in which people's managing the previous state is caught a glimpse even in 5000 years now.

It travels with the Baby It is a page for the person "It wants to take the baby or child to the foreign country and to start on our journey". Agreement to say nothing of a lot of opinions'"What are taking a young child and going to the foreign country?" there. Now however, there was impression that was able to meet because it took the child when it was possible to hang it. There was a city felt to love child in all people in the town and to exist, too. It was consequentially felt, "Isn't there goodness a lot when the child was taken either?"If it thinks, Poitsu and put "Child taking backpacker" also notice that it is very a lot of in Europe etc. the child on a big rucksack. Acknowledgment and recognition are still little though it is not in such a strange act when seeing in the all earth in Japan. The desire page was made. If it served as a reference to "After all, the foreign country wanted also to travel though there was a small child.

The Latest World Heritage list
The latest World Heritage list
812 good sites including the new site done in South Africa in August, 2005 where World Heritage conference was admitted are brought together. Because only neither English nor French formal sentences put out by the UNESCO headquarters have a Japanese name, it becomes my original translation.

How to use Celler phone at foreign countriesThere was big resistance in my by having thought the cellular phone to be "The cellular phone was used in foreign countries" and "Only travel was not bound in daily life and was free" in foreign countries taking out the cellular phone to the foreign country. I see ..there is an advantage.. Now when Tsca is seen however. the independent tour person unexpectedlyHowever, there is scary. It thinks about the advantage disadvantage when the cellular phone is used in foreign countries together with the example.

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